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Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards—in fact, that is our preferred method of payment. We also accept checks or cash.

Do you give free estimates?

For customers not on one of our service plans, in most cases we provide free estimates but there are some instances where we might charge for an estimate. For customers on a service plan, estimates are always free.

What is a site survey?

A site survey is the process we use to gather all the information we need from a new customer during a visit to their property in order to give them the best possible service. It’s our way of making sure that we can meet or exceed the expectations of every customer we serve.

How long does a site survey take?

A site survey typically takes less than an hour, but it may take longer if you have a large property or significant maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

What is a full inspection?

A full inspection is a more in-depth look a property than what we typically do during a site survey. During a full inspection, we’ll look at difficult-to-access areas like crawl spaces, attics, etc. to check for problems. At the end of the inspection, you will get a list of all the areas that were inspected and photographs of any problem areas. At this time, our home inspection does not count as a certified home inspection, although we hope to be able to offer that service within a year.

Will you provide me with daily updates on the status of a project?

We are happy to update you on the status of your project as often as you’d like. It helps us to keep you informed, because it gives us both the chance to ask and answer questions that may come up as the project takes place.

What are your hours?

Our normal hours are 8-5 but emergency hours are available to customers on our Deluxe service plan. Also, we will sometimes stay on-site to finish a job after regular hours.

Why should I sign up for a home improvement service plan?

You can think of your home as a complex machine like a car or airplane that has many different systems. Just like the engine in a car, these systems need to be properly maintained or they will eventually break. As with your car, it’s almost always more expensive to fix a problem with your home that has been developing for some time. By signing up for one of our home improvement service plans, you will have a trusted partner to help you stay on top of critical home maintenance tasks, thus saving you time, money, and some possible big headaches down the road.

What are some of the critical home maintenance tasks that most homeowners neglect or are not aware of?

One of the tasks homeowners frequently neglect is inspecting crawl spaces or other areas that are either hard to reach or simply not pleasant to poke around in. Inspecting these areas on a regular basis can help catch problems early before they become serious. Other frequently neglected tasks include checking the entire plumbing system for leaks and changing/checking vents and filters.

What are some possible consequences of not completing routine home maintenance tasks?

One consequence is that the homeowner’s utility bills will probably increase. In fact, this is often an early warning sign of a problem in a critical system of a home. More serious consequences include mold, rot, and decay caused by water leaks, or increased risk of fires due to faulty wiring or vent blockages. In the case of mold, there can also be consequences for your health. In general, completing routine maintenance tasks is a great way to catch problems early before they turn into expensive repair jobs.

What questions should I ask before I hire a contractor?

Before hiring a contractor, you should ask if they are licensed and insured. Ask if they provide written contracts, which protects both you and the contractor. Also, ask them to provide references that can testify to the quality of their work. Ask them if they require a deposit, and ask how often they will communicate updates to you during a project.

How often should I have a home inspection done?

It is recommended that you have a complete home inspection done once per year to help catch problems early before they cause significant damage.