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Farmville Siding RepairWhen you’re ready to upgrade the exterior of your home, you have many options. If you’d like to forgo the time it takes to maintain paint, siding is definitely the way to go.

It offers many benefits over paint, ease of installation, affordability, durability and variety. Today’s siding looks more natural than that of the past. With so many different types of siding products, your home will have the look you desire.

We install these types of siding: vinyl, stucco, fiber-cement, wood, aluminum, steel and brick and stone siding.  Using a professional Farmville siding repair and installation service is recommended to ensure that the siding will stand up to the weather conditions in central Virginia.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for many homes because of its versatility and affordability. You can choose vinyl siding that mimics other materials, such as wood clapboard or cedar-shake shingles. Quality vinyl siding can last up to 50 years with just an annual cleaning to maintain it.

It does need to be inspected for damage each year, because moisture and insects can cause problems when they get under the panels. To install, the old siding must be removed, then insulation board is installed before the vinyl siding is put up. The siding does hang looser on the sheathing than you might expect, but this is because the siding will expand and contract with the temperatures.

Vinyl siding panels fit snugly against each other with small gaps at each end.

Aluminum Siding Installation

Aluminum siding is another popular choice for siding, and it comes in many colors to match your home’s personality and style. This type of siding is very energy-efficient, because it reflects heat and reduces heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Another benefit is that it is fireproof and does not rust. Your aluminum siding should last 30 to 50 years, with very little maintenance. It should be cleaned regularly and checked for dents and cracks. It can even be painted if you desire another color.

Before installation, the wall surface will need to be smooth and clean. Installers put a three-eighth inch backing on the exterior of your home before installing metal paneling. Unlike vinyl siding, these metal sheets will overlap each other by about two inches and require corner caps after the siding is installed.

Siding Repair

When siding is damaged by the elements, it needs to be repaired quickly and professionally to ensure there is no further damage to your home. Small cracks or loose panels allow moisture to get under the panels which causes rotting to the wood underneath.

Our Farmville siding repair team is here to keep your house looking beautiful no matter how much damage Mother Nature does. Another repair issue is mildew that can occur in the humid months of summer, especially in places that don’t get much sunlight.

Typically, a bleach and water mixture will take care of the mildew, but it can return and damage the wood under the panels. Regular inspections of your siding by a professional will make sure that your home is well-protected. We can fix small problems before they get out of control.

Siding Cleaning and Maintenance

Although siding does not require much maintenance overall, it does need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Although this is something you can do yourself with a pressure washer, siding cleaning products and a good brush, you can also use our pressure washing service to get the job done right. Enjoy your weekend off doing something fun instead of taking care of your home. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products, which won’t damage the siding, your landscape or your family members and pets.

Make a call to Odds & Ends Home Improvement to find a Farmville siding repair and installation contractor with the experience to take care of your home. We work hard to keep our services affordable to ensure you can make repairs when needed. Call us to learn more and request a quote to install or repair your siding.