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Grading and Hauling Services

grading and hauling servicesOdds & Ends Home Improvement is ready to help you preserve and protect your home’s value with our Farmville grading and hauling services.  Landscaping is a big part of maintaining your home’s property value. A big part of keeping your home looking it’s best at any time of the year is ensuring that the lawn is properly graded, the flower beds and gardens are well mulched, and there are no holes in the yard or driveway.

Farmville Landscape Grading

Failure to properly grade your yard isn’t just unattractive, it could also endanger your home’s foundation. When it rains, the water could flow directly into your foundation, causing tremendous water damage. Or, if you have a basement, you could face flooding, which could damage your possessions as well as your walls. Poor grading also might cause large boggy spots, making it difficult to grow grass.

The issue is easy to resolve; a professional can easily level your yard. They will simply bring topsoil to the sunken spots and rake down the raised spots, ensuring that the whole yard is flush, eliminating the potential for damage to your lawn as well as to your home.

If you’ve got persistent issues with basement flooding, we can help. Sometimes a simple ditch can re-route the water away, keeping your basement dry, your possessions safe from water damage, and your homeowner’s insurance premiums at a manageable level. We have the skill and the know-how to place the ditch in a manner that will protect your biggest investment— your home.

Have you considered adding landscape features to your home? You’ll need to properly level the space before you begin the project. Whether you’re adding a patio or a new garden feature, leveling is your first and most important step.

Hauling Service in Farmville

Many homeowners find themselves in need of a hauling service at one time or another.  Perhaps they need large quantities of mulch for their yard— mulch is a sort of superhero for gardens and flowerbeds. It will control weeds, retain moisture, and more. Odds & Ends Home Improvement will not only haul the mulch for you but also spread it at no additional cost.

Do you just need a small amount of dirt? We sell it by the scoop or truckload. You’re not obligated to buy a huge amount of soil that you don’t need. We can bring you what you need, whether it’s a small amount of fill dirt for a stump hole or gravel for a pothole fill.  Are you concerned about our truck damaging your yard? We have a small trailer that can cross the lawn lightly, unlike a dump truck.

Grading & Hauling Services Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you come and fill in potholes in my driveway?

A: Yes, we will! Even if you’ve only got one pothole, we’ll gladly help you fill it. Of course, we can also fill in multiple potholes as well.

Q: Do you sell mulch?

A: Yes. In addition to hauling and spreading mulch, we also sell it. Whether you need a little or a lot, we are a one-stop-shop for all of your mulch needs. Also, remember that our lightweight trailer will not damage your yard when we bring the mulch out for spreading, so you won’t need to be concerned about the state of your lawn.

Q: Do you sell topsoil?

A: Actually, we sell fill dirt, which is a good replacement for topsoil. Topsoil can be difficult to come by, and expensive when you do get it. Fortunately, you can grow grass in fill dirt just as well as you can grow it in topsoil, and at a much more reasonable price. Your grass will look great, and your budget won’t take the hit.

Q: Do you haul items away?

A: Absolutely! We will haul away any large items that you no longer need, including old furniture, grills, and anything else. If you need a hand with your basement or attic clean-out, we are available to assist with that as well.

Are you interested in learning more about our grading and hauling services? Contact us for more information and a quote today!