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Home Improvement Service Plans

Do you find yourself with a “to do list” that is never-ending? Have you been faced with costly repairs that made you think that if you had caught them earlier you may have saved money? If so we have your answer. Sign up now with one of our most popular home improvement service plans or build a custom plan to meet all your needs.

  • Have peace of mind that your “to-do” list will be taken care of with our yearly plans
  • Catch problems early before they turn into expensive repair jobs
  • Avoid the hassle and time it takes to coordinate appointments with multiple service companies
  • As a monthly service agreement customer your service calls and/or repairs take top priority

Basic Home Maintenance PlanStandard Home Maintenance PlanDeluxe Home Maintenance Plan

Basic plan: $29.95 per month

  • Washer and Dryer area inspection (This includes once a year checking supply hoses for water leaks and wear. Checking the cut-off valves to make sure they are working properly. Yearly Dryer vent inspection for blockage or damage.)*Does not include repairs or replacement
  • Replacement of bulbs on demand (This includes changing bulbs for the hard-to-reach bulbs both inside and outside your home) * Does not include purchase of bulbs, troubleshooting electrical problems, damaged fixtures, motion sensor problems, broken photo cells.
  • Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide detector battery replacement (Includes twice a year changing of batteries, spray dusting/cleaning. Expiration date check and a simple test) *Does not include purchase of batteries, troubleshooting electrical problems, replacement of damaged detectors.
  • Electric Water Heater inspection (Yearly check for leaks and signs of rust/ corrosion from hard water. Adjustment of temperature) *Does not include replacement of heating elements, or thermostats
  • 10% off all other services
  • For limited time only: Kitchen and Bath sink inspection for leaking faucets and drains. *doesn’t not include troubleshooting or replacement.

Standard Plan: $49.95 per month

  • Everything Included in the basic plan (Including the limited time offer)
  • Toilet Function Inspection (Includes a yearly inspection for leaks and function of all toilet tank parts. Includes ensuring the cut-off valve is working properly) *does not include troubleshooting or repairs. replacement of wax ring, damage or cracks
  • Gutter Cleaning and inspection (Includes a yearly cleaning and flushing of gutters, checking for leaks and other problems) *does not include repairs or sealing, missing attachments or parts.
  • Yearly Full home inspection with crawl spaces, attics and of course basements (Includes a detailed print-out with photos of any problems or concerns that might be occurring unnoticed.) *does not include any repairs and is not considered a “certified” inspection.
  • Additional 5% savings on all other services (Total of 15%)
  • For limited time only: After one full year get your choice – Electric hot water heater tune up (Includes: flush, thermostat and element replacement) OR – Toilet tank rebuild kit on up to two toilets (Includes float valve, flapper, handle, and tank bolts) *Doesn’t include seat, wax ring or floor bolts.

Deluxe plan: $99.95+ per month

  • Everything included in the basic and standard plan
  • Power washing once per year based on a 200.00 quote (Based on a quote received from site survey broken down over a period of 12 months, includes a plant safe chemical rinse and high pressure wash.) *Prefer onsite water source but we have option of bringing water will select that option when quote is given.
  • Trimming Services on low hanging branches and light storm damage (Additional cost may be considered depending upon limb sizes and quantity) *Must be preapproved
  • Yearly Round Up treatment around home in select areas (Includes 30 gals of mixed spray over three treatments) *Special caution is used in application of Round Up to prevent other plant life damage a brief walk around with owner is required.
  • Yearly haul-away service (Includes a once a year haul away. Examples: Old chairs or couches, exercise machines, old grills and more.) *This is a case by case deal but we take pride in getting the job done. Additional cost may apply
  • Emergency hours available nights and weekends and the same weekday rates. (Remember the 15% savings on other services as well)
  • Free estimates and help with home improvement planning and references.

Custom Plan:

If one of the plans above isn’t exactly what you need, we can create a custom subscription plan just for you. This option is ideal for the “DIY” homeowner who needs specific assistance with projects on a regular basis, seniors or retirees, renters, or landlords.

After we meet with you and find out what your needs are, we’ll present a fair plan that meets those needs and ensures that you always have someone available to help you maintain your home. We want you to consider us as your trusted home improvement partner that you can turn to whenever you have a problem, and our custom subscription plans are designed to support that kind of relationship.