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Plumbing Services in Farmville VA

When it comes to finding high-quality, reliable plumbers in Farmville, VA, residents have limited options.  If you’re sick of plumbers who don’t show up when they say they will, aren’t available for emergency repairs, or don’t have the technical know-how to fix your problem, then Odds & Ends Home Improvement is here to help.  We can handle everything from repairing leaky faucets to clearing clogged pipes.  We’re happy to stop by to investigate a plumbing problem you have and provide a free estimate.  Below is a summary of the plumbing services we provide to homeowners and business owners in the Farmville area.

Faucet Repair & Installation

Leaking faucets drive up your water bill and can often lead to bigger problems if not fixed.  Also, improper installation of new faucets can cause problems down the road.  Why spend time and energy trying to troubleshoot the problem yourself, when we have years of experience repairing faucets–as well as all the specialized tools for the job?  Let us quickly and easily fix your leaking faucet or install a new faucet.

Sump Pump Replacement

It’s very important to have an operational sump pump to prevent expensive flood damage to your property.  We can replace outdated sump pumps with newer, more dependable models so that you won’t have to worry about your pump not working when you need it.  Some signs your sump pump might need to be replaced include:

  • Pumps that run for an excessively long time
  • Pumps that cycle on and off frequently
  • Pumps that make loud noises when running

Call us for a free estimate today for sump pump replacement in the Farmville, VA area.

Sink Installation & Repair

Properly installing a new sink is very important in order to prevent damaging leaks.  There’s no need to spend half your day off trying to tackle this job yourself–just give us a call and we’ll do it for you.  We can also repair or troubleshoot any problems you’re having with your current sink.

Toilet Repair & Installation

At Odds & Ends Home Improvement, one of the most common plumbing issues we get calls about is toilet repair.  After all, nobody can go very long without a working toilet in their home or business!  Common problems with toilets include:

  • The tank filling with water after being flushed
  • Incomplete flushing
  • Weak flushing
  • Taking a long time to flush

If it isn’t possible to fix the problem with your current toilet, we can also install a new toilet for you.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Sometimes, plumbing emergencies require immediate action to fix the problem in order to avoid extensive damage to your property.  Whether it’s a clogged pipe or a major leak, we can handle most emergency plumbing situations in the Farmville, VA area.  Just give us a call, tell us what your problem is, and we’ll be there as soon as we can to fix it.

Other Plumbing Services

Although we have listed the most common plumbing services we provide, that doesn’t mean that we can’t handle any problem you don’t see listed here.  Even if you have a problem we can’t handle, we can probably connect you with the best person to help you, so give us a call and tell us what you need.  We provide free estimates for plumbing services in the Farmville area and we’re always happy to come out and give you advice about whatever issue you’re having.