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Three Ways Home Maintenance Helps Improve Security

April 21, 2017

The following is a guest post contributed by our friends at Dyanamrk Security of Richmond, who provide security systems and alarm monitoring services to several businesses in Farmville.

Home Security LandscapingWhen it comes to your home, safety and security are crucial. While owning a home security system helps to ensure that security, there are even more ways to enhance and add safety to your home. Did you know that security can be improved further by simple home maintenance techniques?

In this post, we’ll cover three easy ways home maintenance helps improve security, to bring further safety and peace of mind to your home.

Good Landscaping Can Improve Security

Landscaping is a fantastic way to make your home look more attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, proper landscaping can also aid in home security. By utilizing trees and shrubbery, your home both look amazing and ward off potential burglars.

By placing thorny or sharp bushes under first-floor windows, burglars will think twice before attempting to break into your home. Most important, however, is to ensure these bushes are kept trimmed and well maintained, so they don’t overgrow and blow the view from windows.

By keeping the view to your windows open, you can see potential burglars when they enter your property, and neighbors can see a clear view if a burglar may be trying to enter a window. Remember to also keep trees well-groomed and ensure branches do not overhang by your home. This takes away the opportunity for a burglar to enter a second story window.

Proper Lighting Improves Security

When thinking of home improvement, the last thought often goes to outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting, however, is an effective way of deterring burglars from your home and should be made a priority.

The last thing a burglar wants to be is seen. With proper outdoor lighting, they won’t be. Outdoor lighting over windows, garages and the front door can be extremely beneficial and convenient. Since many are installed to work with motion detectors, you’ll know right away if an evening visitor is on the premises.

Because these lights, especially flood lights, are so bright, they can effectively scare off any potential burglars and ensure your home’s safety and security during the night while you and your family are asleep.

A Home that Looks Well-Maintained Makes a Less Attractive Target

When a home is well-kept and has some serious curb appeal, it means much more than it seems. Burglars are actually dissuaded from targeting well-kept homes. Why? Because a well-maintained and landscaped home tells criminals that the homeowner knows what is happening around the home at all times.

Additionally, as mentioned above, a clean landscape allows for greater sightlines over your property, and also allows for neighbors to keep a watchful eye when your family is gone or on vacation. Well-trimmed lawns, hedges, and bushes will provide too much open space for a burglar to consider your home as a valid target.

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